Friday, March 19, 2010

8Things: Observed in my neighbourhood

My response to Magpie Girl's 8 Things list.

1. A lot of my neighbours know each other (and I actually know a few of my neighbours). This is something worth noting in London. Contrary to popular opinion, some of us city dwellers do smile and say hello when we see one another on the street. Some of us even do so with people we don't know!!  Even bearded unicycle man says hello when he’s unicycling past.

2. At least 4 people on our road have planted spring bulbs in their front gardens and window boxes.  They are now in bloom - daffodils and crocuses mostly, a few snowdrops too.

3. Someone took the time to plant daffodil bulbs around the bases of the silver birch trees lining our neighbourhood pavements.

4. This beautiful table left on the pavement. Later, someone turned it the right way up. Then it was gone.

5. The friendly black and white cat that belongs to the lady at no. 13 never goes indoors, not even in the snow and rain.

6. An empty can of Carlsberg perched on a hedge.

7. A faux-leather armchair with its stuffing bursting out.

8. Green shoots and buds appearing out of bare twigs and branches.  Makes me want to go out and about with my sketchbook.

1 comment:

tree shadow moon said...

so nice that people are friendly smiley! I never saw the beardy unicycle man whilst visiting you! SHAME!!!