Saturday, March 06, 2010


This morning we unwittingly walked into a sheep-themed family day with a (not so hidden) agenda. I guess it should have been obvious, being held in a Baptist Church. But the playgroup held there is not religious, so I thought it would be the same. It definitely wasn’t. Which was a shame because it was the friendliest welcome we’ve had in a while. I just don’t trust friendship with such an obvious ulterior motive. And this is from hard-won experience. The look on their faces when we left before the singing said it all…“Oh no, the sheep are getting away!!”


NB. I don't mean to cause offense by this post.  I'm sorry if I have. 


Anonymous said...

No offence here! They should have made sure people knew what they'd been invited to - note to self: must make sure my church is never guilty of this. I bet they were just as uncomfortable as you when they realised you hadn't intended to be there! I hope you found something else nice to do with your Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Heh, been to one a bit like that... was assured by my friend it was just a toddler group that happened to be held in a church. Then got pounced on by the vicar who was trying to sign everyone up for confirmation classes. Milo is clearly a born atheist as he was not overly impressed with the hymns... ho hum, free cuppa and a biscuit eh?!

the heartful blogger said...

I heard of the event through a mum who went to the non-religious Friday playgroup. She was told it was simply a sheep themed party for kids, nothing else. Unfortunately I think the misleading was deliberate to try to get people in the door and hope they stick around for the message. As soon as the person in charge said they were going to be thinking about lost sheep, shepherds and Jesus, we knew we'd been tricked and it wasn't a nice feeling.