Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reasons to be cheerful

Inspired by this post on Beth's blog...

1) The laxatives are working and Jake's pooing! Four humdingers slipped out today and he wasn't in pain. He's back to his usual self with an added kick of little terror. He's also started eating again.

2) Work has given me an extension of 6 months on my sabbatical. It means I have the summer to spend with Jake and I still have the option of going back if Jake is all well.

3) When I rang Jake's nursery to tell them we wouldn't be needing his 3 day a week place, they said we didn't have to pay the month's worth of fees in lieu of notice, AND that we didn't have to pay for these three weeks he's missed due to illness & the pox!!!!!!!

4) Paul is going for a managerial position / promotion at work (interview tomorrow). If he gets it and Jake is well enough, we're going to try him in nursery two mornings a week so I can have some time to myself.

5) An old friend saw some of my 100 days project drawings on Facebook and asked me to do the artwork for a cookbook she's writing. She even likes the fact that I'm not trained / haven't been to art school. Even if it doesn't get published, it's so fantastic to be asked to work on something that could potentially be out there!!

6) Summer is coming! It may not seem like it now, but it is! Days are getting longer already.

7) There’s a long weekend coming up, and maybe even the chance for us to go out and do something nice together as a family.

8) My parents and brother and his family are coming to stay with us for three weeks in the summer. They've never visited us before and we've got lots of lovely trips planned including Paris, Scotland, Stonehenge, Cornwall or Devon and possibly Wales. It's been over a year since we all saw each other and I hate living so far away from them. We're all very excited.

9) Our lovely neighbours (who have a two year old Jake plays with) gave us two half-price vouchers for London Zoo just for taking in a parcel for them while they were out.

10) Jake is learning so many new words and it’s a joy watching him grow up and enjoy life. Today he saw a photo of me hugging a teddy bear and he said, “Mummy, Teddy, Cuggle”. That’s practically a sentence!

11) Arsenal equalised against Barcelona tonight. The next leg’s gonna be even tougher, but for now, everyone is cheerful in our house.

Now over to you...

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tree shadow moon said...

I love your list Ms HB