Friday, March 19, 2010

19.3.10 (today's best bits)

Jake best bits:

Jake got a nice nurse at the Doctor’s. He didn’t cry much and even said, Bye! after we left. Jake perking up and playing with water, then dancing with me to the new She & Him album, then dancing with Penguin. Jake singing, “Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy” and ending with a huge smile. Jake stroking my bare arm. Jake helping me pick up bits of apple he’d spat out. While reading Peepo I wasn’t able to find the ball so asked Jake where it was. He leaned closer to have a look, spotted it and said, “Des!” (there it is).

Personal best bits:

Reading this article on Tribal Writer about deep practice and growing talent, and how the struggle is worth it. Gives me hope. Reading this incredible post on Summer Pierre’s blog about the traumatic yet amazing birth of her son in the back of a cab. Enjoying Wiggly Mittens’ 100 Days drawings. Being inspired by all of the above to carry on with the struggle to draw moments from my life*. The word struggle now meaning something positive to me.  We didn’t go to Bournemouth, but I got my happy bubba Jake back after a week of illness, pain and misery.

*work in progress...

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Beth said...

I'm so glad he's feeling better Tammy, it must be awful to see him like that after everything you've been through.

I LOVE your drawing, keep 'em coming ;)

And finally, Peepo is our #1 favourite book here at the moment, we read it when we come downstairs after each nap (and lots of times in between). Jacob can now turn the pages at the right points, and pauses for me to peep through the hole at him and say "Peepo!". Even in his flushed-cheeks, ruffled-hair, sticky-eyes, post-nap daze that still elicits a tiny smile. I love that book.