Wednesday, August 11, 2010

11.8.10 ~ 150 words on sadness

We woke Jake up early today so he could say goodbye to Tony, Jo & Alyx. When we told him they were leaving, he shook his head and said “No.” Then we said goodbye and he cried a bit and we were all sad. After they left, he said “Gone.” Then Paul went to work and I felt like I was holding both mine and Jake’s sadness like fragile flowers. Alyx is an only child and yesterday she noted that Jake got many more birthday cards than she gets. Jake had only received 6 this year, less than last year. It made me feel sad that we have to live this way. Our families so far away, two cousins, both only children who adore each other, separated. I saw them growing up lonely without each other. I wanted to cry at the unfairness of it. It utterly suck suck sucks.

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