Monday, August 09, 2010

Catching up ~ 31.7.10 & 1.8.10 (100 word diary entries)


Took the family to the British Museum and Covent Garden to be tourists for a day. I’d forgotten how crazy busy and full of tourists London can be on a weekend in August. I couldn’t help feeling fed up and annoyed. Jake wasn’t too happy either. We didn’t make it to Trafalgar Square or the National Gallery as they all had to head off to the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal play in the Emirates Cup. Jake and I headed home where he didn’t nap and we spent the afternoon and early evening watching Mr Tumble and playing with trains.

Kew at The British Museum



Took Jo & Alyx to Epping Forest to go horseback riding. The rest of us wandered through the forest while waiting. Jake and Paul played by a lake. I was immersed in The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest. Afterwards, we had a disappointing lunch at the Queen Elizabeth pub. We learned the hard way that you should just have the roast when you go to Sunday lunch at a pub. The carvery meals looked wonderful. Our meals were not. After, they headed off to the Emirates and Jake and I headed home. He napped and I packed for Paris.

Jo on Moggie

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