Thursday, August 12, 2010

My 100 Days To Do List roundup

So August 9th saw the end of my 100 days To Do list project.  Most of the items I managed to complete.  These are the ones I have not:

No. 3 - Doing 10 minutes of yoga three times a week.  ~ This was harder than it should have been.  It's important to me and yet, it got forgotten too easily.

No. 9 - Select some of Jake's art work for display.  ~ I selected some then put them aside, didn't actually get round to displaying any.

No. 10 - Set up a regular plan of activities for Jake.  ~ I had such good intentions and lots of sources for ideas, but when it came down to sitting down and doing the planning, I just didn't manage it.  Not regularly anyway.  I've been trying to follow his lead when it comes to activities, and we've been outdoors a lot but I've also been aware of simply feeling too lazy / tired / resistant to trying so hard and have let him watch a lot of TV.  I'm not going to beat myself up about it though.  I don't think Jake has suffered and I don't have to have every minute of each day planned out for him.

No. 11. Keep a regular handwritten journal.  ~ Yeah right! 

No. 13. Do at least 5 drawings for my etsy shop.  ~  I managed 2.  And I intended to do more, but in true me fashion, I've now tired of the whole shop idea and don't much care for trying to sell my drawings.  After all, does it really matter if I make $8 for a drawing or not?  I don't draw for money.  So I'm thinking of giving up the shop altogether and just giving stuff away instead.

No. 14. Do at least 5 sketches for the cookbook project.  ~ MAJOR fail.  Not only have I done NO drawings, I haven't even thought of the project. 

No. 18. Complete at least two felt projects. ~ I managed one.  Perhaps I had too many things on this list.  Or perhaps my attention span does not match with my intentions.

Still, I did what I could, went at my own pace and I'm happy with what I've managed to do.  I do think I need to focus on one or two things though, not spread myself too thin.  We'll see what the future brings.

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