Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25.8.10 ~ 200 word diary (on cheeky buggeriness & charm)

For the last few months, Jake’s hated having his nappy changed. Sometimes, he tells us he’s done a poo then happily gets his changing mat and lies down on it, waiting to be changed. But more often than not, it takes pleading and persuasion (i.e. bribery) – lots of it. Today, he excelled himself. He told me he did a poo then refused for an hour to let me change him. He even flung the wipes and new nappy across the room several times. I said No to TV and requests to help him move the cat off his train tracks until he would let me change him. Eventually he relinquished but we couldn’t find the wipes and nappy he’d thrown. I asked him where they were and after pretending to find them in various places, he thought a bit and finally said, “It’s up there, in the sky!” Cheeky bugger.

After we retrieved the nappy and wipes and he let me change him, he said, “Mummy happy now?” I told him I was and he asked for cuggles. I held him and we spent a good five minutes with our heads together, giggling and kissing each other’s noses. Little charmer.

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isadori said...

I've been rubbish at commenting lately but just wanted to say I'm so happy to read that you're happy! :-)