Friday, August 20, 2010

20.8.10 ~ 100 word diary

Jake woke up with a homemade fringe and he’s cute again. Poor bubba struggled all morning trying to poo. Even 3 sachets of Movicol had little effect. Am hoping things will work themselves out naturally so he won’t have to endure an enema. Once he perked up we went shopping. He stayed in his pram for an hour and a half and only complained a little. We got groceries and 2nd birthday presents. Jake came home with a Thomas balloon and I found some bleeding tissue paper! Hurrah! Poundland. 20 sheets in multiple colours for only £1. Take that Paperchase.

This is what I want the bleeding tissue paper for.

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Glovecat said...

Weird. It almost sounded as though the new haircut prevented Jake from having a poo! Poor little thing, hope he's feeling better. The tissue paper from Poundland sounds like a great deal - and I LOVE what you're doing with it! Wow, you are a real inspiration, Tammy! :D I'm gonna go and make some black and white patterns for Squiggles to stare at now. If only we had a Poundland nearby...! x