Sunday, August 15, 2010

15.8.10 ~ 180 words on the two Jakes

After nearly a year of being looked after by a friend from when Jake went into hospital last August, we finally got Jakey-cat back today. He may be staying with us, or he may be going to another friend who’s willing to take him permanently. It all depends how the two Jakes get along. Before he went away, Jakey wasn’t great with toddlers, having scratched both of Paul’s nephews on two different occasions. They had bothered him, but not severely so and not all cats would have scratched in those situations. Jake however loves Jakey. He may not be so keen on all the new “Don’ts” he’s hearing in relation to the cat, but he does love him. He’s been following him around, calling him Cat, imitating him and trying to order him around. “Come here cat,” “Sit down cat”, “Go out cat”, “Look, Thomas bag”, “Look trains”. Bless him. I don’t know how long it will be before he realises cats don’t take orders. Jakey is mostly nonplussed with only occasional looks of terror / irritation. Fingers are crossed.

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