Thursday, August 26, 2010

26.8.10 ~ 100ish word diary (happy now)

I didn’t want to take Jake to nursery today. I wanted him home with me. So he stayed. I don’t know what’s right with me lately but despite the rain and having a tiring, stinking cold, I’m deeply happy. Even dropping cat food all over the floor just before giving Jakey his insulin shot didn’t upset me. And I’ve been so “in the zone” Mummy-wise. Being in the moment with Jake, not worrying about anything, just going with the flow and enjoying his company, his Jakeness. He’s had so many kisses and cuddles today. Whatever’s right, long may it continue.

P.S. Chatting on FB with my brother about potential baby names, we came up with Animal Armpits and Arse Bandit for twin boys. The latter because Paul is rather fond of the word Arse, and Animal Armpits in case we want to raise a wrestler. Naturally.

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