Tuesday, August 24, 2010

24.8.10 ~ 205 word diary (a day out in King's Cross!)

Met up with M for her birthday. Went to the excellent Picasso exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery. It was the sort of exhibition that made me want to get my sketch book out and draw for hours. Unfortunately I had to rush through it because Jake didn’t want to stay very long. And Jake and I had to wait in the rain for M, because the gallery people wouldn’t let us wait inside with the pram. Once the rain cleared and the sun came out, the light was beautiful and I got some nice photos.

Then we had a delicious lunch at Acorn House restaurant where, thanks to M’s Taste London card, we affordably enjoyed three small starters (crispy spring greens, roasted tomatoes with basil, buffalo mozzarella) and gorgeous meals (mushroom ravioli with sage butter and lemon sole with fennel, borlotti beans and spinach with a caper sauce) and even Jake willingly ate some cabbage.

Then we wandered up to the gem of Camley Street Natural Park where Jake enjoyed running around and taking pictures (preceded with commands of “say cheese!”). Even after many years of living in London, it’s great to still be able to discover parts of it that we hadn’t known before.

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tree shadow moon said...

Sounds like a very nice day (ignorant gallery people aside!). I really like the photos - the one with the red umbrella is particularly ace - looks like a large poppy!!! Gorgeous!