Monday, August 23, 2010

22.8.10 ~ 235 word diary (on important decisions)

Two important decisions made this morning:

1) To have a fry-up for breakfast

2) To start trying for another child

Now we just have to get down to it, which hasn’t been easy for us for all sorts of reasons. And that’s probably as much as I want to say here. I do hope that although I’ve “announced” that we’re trying to conceive, people will refrain from asking every other week whether I’m pregnant yet.

Up until recently, even though we theoretically wanted another child, we weren’t at all sure we could cope. It still scares us, going through the whole exhausting experience of new babyhood all over again, this time with a toddler to look after, but it feels right now.

I blame my friend I, who’s visiting at the moment. After hearing her (an only child and Mum of two) tell us that we should have another, things seemed to fall into place and we woke up the next day feeling the same way. Oh well, at least I have someone to curse when we’re wading through newborn green poo and I’m waking up to feed through the night. It’s true what they say though. The days are long when they’re tiny, but the years go so fast.

Besides, we asked Jake if he'd like to have a baby brother or sister. 
His reply?  "Yes!" 
You can't get a better vote than that.


solveig said...

Haha! I love how different your 2 important decisions are.

I've been thinking about having another child for about a year now and still can't seem to make that final decision. Think I'm nearly there though.

Beth said...

Ooooh I can't believe I missed this! So exciting, and I can't wait to be joining you.

Now I won't mention it again until you have another announcement to make ;)