Sunday, August 29, 2010

29.8.10 ~ not many words today, mainly images...

I finally finished the bleedin' tissue paper drawing.  It didn't turn out like I expected,
i.e. it looks and feels like a botched job.  But I learned some things along the way.

So I took a photo of the collage / drawing and edited in Picnik and
rather like the way the bastardised versions turned out.
(The original is in the top left hand corner)


Glovecat said...

Wow!!! I think it's turned out absolutely wonderfully! And I love the added dimension of Picnik, it's so colourful and beautiful! I should hope you'll be doing more of this type of stuff with the tissue paper now? Damned well hope so, anyway. Good job, Tammy. :D

Heartful said...

Thanks Em. It actually looks better now the glue's dried. Will definitely be doing more stuff with tissue paper. Apart from being really excited about the possibilities, I have tons of the stuff to use up! ;-)