Thursday, January 13, 2011

13th January ~ the relentless 100 word diary (100ish)

I am sick of words and they are sick of me. I can't do this.  Too many words.  I need balance.  Need to go stand on one leg, smear scarlet across a turquoise sea, stare too long at the sharp glint of sun on a puddle, dive into warm sea.  Go into the kitchen and inhale the remains of the ginger cake baked last night.  The worst cake I've ever made.  Burnt on top, crisp on the sides, sunk in the middle and too sweet.  Almost a whole tin of Golden Syrup went into the worst cake I've ever baked.  There will be other cakes.  But not today.

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Theodora said...

This is a dark place. You'll get through it.