Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25th January ~ At the Museum of Childhood: 100 word diary made of stones

A child in tomato red jumper
lies down in front of the crisps and screams

Tiny-legged Alice in a blue dress
escapes from her flustered grandmother
ordering macchiato in the café queue

Bigger children
wearing fluorescent vests
choo-choo around the model rail display
edging Jake out of the way

Strawberry Shortcake still in her box
takes me to the car park at Toys R Us
Long Island
a bright cold day

Drawing an American Teddy Bear
from 1904
the bear’s torso shakes
as children stomp by


At the Bethnal Green Gallery Café
two labels beneath paintings
Grief, £150
Joy, Not for Sale


Sam Pennington said...

I loved this xxx

Elizabeth Marie said...

Wow. I was there with you. Beautiful stuff.