Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24th ~ 160 word diary made of stones

gifts wrapped in deep blue paper

a mug thrown by a friend
shiny deep blue glaze
creamy speckled inside
ripples on the base
and her name stamp

a perfectly sized copy of
The Hare with Amber Eyes

another gift in a tiny brown envelope

flat teardrop pendant
creamy smooth surface
crackled cream glaze
with a red stripe through it

Oscar the neighbourhood cat
scratches his paws on a silver birch
standing on his hind legs
his black and white belly exposed

Oscar jumps on to a low wall
to bump his head against
our shoulders and outstretched hands

The dentist’s receptionist
sings me Happy Birthday

People I hardly ever see
leave me messages
on a virtual wall

My son tenses his legs straight
and goes on to his tiptoes
as he hunches over
his arms around me
trying to hold in his poo

I sniff the plaster on my finger
it doesn’t smell good
but I can’t stop sniffing


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :) x x

nĂ  said...

Yay for the dentist's receptionist - she obviously rocks!