Friday, January 14, 2011

14th January ~ 100 word diary

It's fine now.  I drew yesterday and I went back to this morning, wrote 1200 words during Teletubbies and finished my 30-day writing streak, earning my albatross badge. I’m back in the word zone. Words are my friend again. Maybe it’s because one of my oldest friends is in town for a week and we’re going out tonight. I suggested an Indian Vegetarian place on Panton Street. She didn’t sound enthusiastic but she didn’t refuse. But I’m feeling inspired by my brother’s attempt to go vegan after a lifetime of guzzling meat. It’s a VERY big deal for him.


Crafty Green Poet said...

We're going out for a vegetariain Indian meal tonight too! Good luck to your brother!

You've got me wondering too, are the Teletubbies good background for writing? I must try that one day!

Heartful said...

Ha ha Juliet, not quite! Teletubbies keeps my son transfixed and quiet for about 20 minutes! I'm so glad they brought it back!