Wednesday, January 05, 2011

5th January ~ a (large) stone for the river

small hand in mine
we sit and breathe the quiet
between sleeping and waking

a warm squeeze
our fingers cluster together
and his voice
sweet and whole

Mummy are you small?

I nod. Yes darling, sometimes I am.
No other explanation is required
on his part or mine.

Shall we go downstairs?

warmth leaves my palm
as he gets up
the door opens
letting light in.


tree shadow moon said...

like it lots.
I'm small too!

I'm liking 'a river of stones'!

Glovecat said...

I've not been looking at blogs for a few days. I come back and discover that you're onto a whole new thing, and I love it! This one brought an actual tear to my eye. I too have a small hand in mine, and I too am small. Love it, thank you :D