Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26th January ~ a snippet from the other day (150 word diary)

Lunch at Tokyo Diner
Jake tries edamame and likes it
He takes a pair of unseparated chopsticks
and pokes at the compartments of my bento box
stirring the seaweed, turning over the salmon sashimi
He points at it - “Jake want try this”

I slice a bit off, dip it in soy sauce, offer it to him
He looks at it
“Do you want some?”
He shakes his head, then nods.
I offer it to him again

This time he opens his mouth
chews chews chews then
makes a face as he swallows

I imagine the feel of the fish on his tongue
“Don’t like it” he whimpers, pointing to his water bottle
I hand it to him and he grabs and guzzles

I’m just proud of him for trying
I never would have tried sashimi at his age
I wasn’t even brave enough to try it in my 20s

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