Thursday, January 27, 2011

27th January ~ a walk in stones (in 100 words)

Snowdrops in a neighbour’s window box,
smashed baseboard of an acoustic guitar,
the door to no. 46 slightly open,
a large woman pushing a shopping trolley trying to run for the W12,
a stoop painted fire engine red,
a ripped bin bag spilling clothes onto the street ~
chiffon polka-dot blouse
one cork-heeled sandal
a pink and cream striped tail catches my eye
sticking out amidst soft toy torsos
I stop and lift it out
Bagpuss! Brand new with the tag still attached
I place him in the seat of Jake’s pram
furry striped body rattling
all the way home.


This is from my walk along the same stretch of road as yesterday, returning home after dropping Jake off at nursery.  I love that I can walk the same road every day and see something new each time.


Sam Pennington said...

Brilliant and evocative as always xxx

Elizabeth Marie said...

These beautiful snapshots remind me of the lists a friends used to post on his blog of the things he would see from the window of the taxis he took around his city. He was an astute observer and an amazing writer. Your tone is different from his, softer, warmer, but you're just as observant.