Sunday, January 09, 2011

8th January ~ If you go away

Today, after ten years of knowing her and believing that she only listens to classical music (and The Divine Comedy) I discovered that my friend M likes Dusty Springfield. We were discussing the (over)dramatisation of Nigel Slater’s memoir Toast. Ever since I heard Dusty’s heartbreaking version of Ne Me Quitte Pas in the film, I’ve wanted to hear it again. A young Nigel plays it before he packs one tiny suitcase and strides out of his unhappy childhood home. We remarked how people in films always manage to pack everything they need in one small suitcase before flowing seamlessly into a new life. “If it was Chekhov that would never happen,” M said. “But if it was Chekhov, there’d be no Dusty Springfield.” I replied. Overdramatisations were therefore forgiven. At least in this case.

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