Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Travelling up North after a hectic morning buying picture frames and a laminator and wrapping presents at the last minute. Can’t shake my irritability though. Jake didn’t sleep on the train but fell asleep in the car after giving his Grandpa a great big smile within a few minutes of seeing him. Very unusual. Heard from S – she’s 11 days overdue and going to be induced this afternoon. Makes me think how lucky I was with Jake. Even though P’s parents aren’t the easiest people to be around, I’m happy to be getting out of London and our usual routine.

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changapeluda said...

you know, it there's something about being leisurely when wrapping presents....it makes the insides feel better in more ways than one....
i'd like to get out of my own london, as well....i was hoping you'd have a very nice time but blogs aren't chronological