Thursday, December 24, 2009


Loved Where The Wild Things Are, followed by a luscious pizza with three types of mushrooms, creamy cheese and crispy speck ham. Spent this morning baking xmas cookies, the dough easily made 6 dozen. Threw Jake up and down, complete with sound effects. Resulted in great tummy chuckles and him throwing up his arms and saying “woo woo” when he wanted me to do it again. The friend who’s been ignoring me for two months suddenly got in touch, apologising and sending gifts. I’m still angry though, because I know it will happen again.  I don't know what to do.

Edit: Forgot to mention the lemon tart!  The best ever.

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Glovecat said...

Presumably your friend does not read your blog? :) I can be a crap friend like that sometimes, life getting in the way of me keeping in touch with some of my best (but most distant) friends... But as I don't know the details I can't know what's really taken place, I guess... I hope it works out. Sounds like you had a fun day, though! :)