Monday, December 21, 2009

The shortest day

The day ended better than it started.  The shortest day, but so much happened.  We got proper snow!  And I did get to see one of my oldest friends and her family who were on a fleeting visit to London on their way to Holland.  Even if it was far too brief, it was wonderful to see our kids playing together and it feeling like the most natural thing in the world.  Then our lovely neighbours popped round with fruit and gifts.  Then Paul & I took Jake out in the snow, which he really enjoyed.  And I'm meeting another friend on Wednesday.  These days, my friends are like buses.  You wait around for ages to see one, then they all come at once. 

Still, it's times like these, rare times, that make me painfully aware and wonder why it is that I am so far away from so many of the people who are closest and dearest to me.  Apart from my immediate family of Jake and Paul, most of my oldest, closest friends and family live in other countries, other continents even, scattered all over the place, even virtually.  I grew up like this, nomadic, scattered, never putting down roots, always the new kid, never having a best friend.  Maybe I'll never shake that off.  How different will it be for Jake?

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