Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A small person flashing his cheekiest grin while bouncing up and down on his mattress and honking your nose is impossible to resist. Even if he is trying to delay his nap. So I didn’t resist. I let him bounce and play until he fell asleep on his own. After the morning we had, changing his stoma bag twice, having no food in the house, dashing madly to the shops followed by a cold, unhappy playground trip, it was the best thing for both of us. Still no word from S about her baby. Hope she’s not still in labour.

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changapeluda said...

as a mom, you just KNOW when it's the best possible time to be as indulgent as all get out!

i feel for you having to endure the stoma bag. stuff like that scares me while here you have to Deal Everyday & my heart is FULL of admiration for your child - little Jake - the brave baby with his cheeky grin & nose honkin' ways.