Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Made my first batches of pepparkakor cookies while Jake chirruped “Cookie, cake-o, cookie!” and played with some of the dough. Then braved the ice and snow to get some last minute groceries and Jake fell asleep in the pram for an hour and a half! Later, fished a lit torch and cement truck out of a kitchen cupboard and rolled the ball pool round the flat. It’s hours later and he’s still saying cookie, cookie, cookie. Tonight I’m out for “Where the wild things are” and dinner. Then Paul’s off for six days and it’s just two sleeps till xmas!


Glovecat said...

Wah! Paul's ABANDONING you?! Will he not be there for Chrimbles?! Oh. :(
Sounds like Jake will be company enough, though! :)

nadia said...

Hey there, that all sounds so luscious! I'm guessing you meant Paul is off work for 6 days, right?
Big hugs to you all - how did the Pepperkakor go???
...Jake obviously liked the look of them!
More hugs xxx
p.s. - now one sleep until Christmas!
p.p.s. - thanks for the card and sorry that my post to you shall be leaving just today (if I can relocate the badly-timed-I-shall-go-missing address book!!!)

the heartful blogger said...

Em, no Paul's not abandoning us! I meant he's off from work for 6 days ! :-) I'd never forgive him if he wasn't around for xmas!!

Beth said...

Ohhh how was Where the wild things are????

We saw the trailer for it the single time we've been to the cinema since Jacob was born, and I cried. I got the same edition of the book that I had as a child for Christmas ... I can't wait to see it.