Tuesday, December 01, 2009

One Hundred Days

I've just signed up to this: http://www.hundreddays.net/

The idea is to commit to doing one thing a day for 100 days to make you a better person, starting from today, 1st December.

I don't really need to add something else to my to do list, but I couldn't resist.  At first I was going to pledge to write 100 words a day, but I was already doing that and I don't know how it would make me a better person.  So I've pledged to do a drawing every day and give it away.*  Obviously they are not going to be masterpieces, but I'll post them up and whoever is reading is very welcome to ask for whichever drawing they so fancy.  If there are no takers I'll choose one of my friends / family at random and send it to them. but I will be focussing on the process as much as the end result.

So what do you think?  Fancy it?  There's still time to sign up!

*EDIT* - As of 2nd December, I've decided not to give away my drawings.  It seems kind of pointless to give away drawings that might not be wanted, especially as hardly anyone reads my blog and hardly anyone is bothered about my doing this project anyway.  Doing a drawing every day for 100 days will be character building (and challenging) enough.  It also takes the pressure off a bit - that way I can draw for myself and not with the feeling that I have to draw something that someone might like.  I hope it doesn't sound like a cop out, if it does - please feel free to tell me so. 

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