Sunday, December 06, 2009


Flooded with ideas today – starting a family xmas tradition of making a snowflake or ornament for the tree, covering the windows in snowflakes, elaborate plans for a play town for Jake, making a list of other 100 day projects that can be done, wanting to transfer my blog to wordpress. And still need to make the cards I’ve been planning for two weeks, do Jake’s foot and handprints, do today’s drawing, go to Ryman’s and get a laminator, try and track down some sugar paper, make a decision about pressies, get out of my pj’s and go to the loo.

[NB. I'm living proof that having a zillion ideas does not equal getting them all done.  Especially not in one fricking day!  At least I got to go to the loo and out of my pj's.]


nadia said...

crikey nora!!!! you should have a wonderwoman cape and your knickers over your tights! you are fab, i'm so excited to hear more about your ideas!

Glovecat said...

Hopefully you've got all the energy you need for this marathon of creativity! :)