Friday, December 04, 2009


Bad shit: crappy crappy mood. Wrist still painful. Falling down the stairs, twice. Bruised and sore arse. Snapping and shouting at Jake. Toddler tantrums. Feeling forgotten by certain friends.
Good shit: baking banana bread, magic grandma with playground bubbles, watching Jake chase bubbles, shouting, “Bubbles” all afternoon. Jake smiling at me. Jake handing me a legless zombie. Jake resting his head on my shoulder as we watch “Come Outside” together. Fab forum friends coming to the rescue yet again. Knowing a few people are actually checking this blog from time to time. Friday afternoon already and good shit outweighing bad.


nadia said...

bad days suck and yours sounds quite painful too, but for sure they make you appreciate the good ones when they have their turn

Anonymous said...

Try to stay positive. The bubble chasing sounds lovely! It's nice to hear about Jake doing normal little-person things. I don't go over to the forum really nowadays, but I have such vivid memories of reading your updates while he was in hospital. You've been through a lot in the not-too-distant past, it's not surprising if you find it hard sometimes so be gentle on yourself. You will always be Jake's Number One and he thinks you're absolutely perfect. Have a good weekend. x