Tuesday, December 29, 2009

29.12.09 (Two entries for today...just cos...)

Jake woke at 5:30am today. After numerous cuddles and walks round the flat, he still couldn’t get to sleep. So I let him wriggle out of my arms and watched as he proceeded to the door, pointing to go out. He was doing his baby Jake talk and then started drumming, accompanied by the dum dum noise. I was touched. He must have noticed how happy I get when he recognises the drum in his book and makes the drum motion. It was as if he was saying, come on Mummy, let’s play drums, I know it makes you happy.
Jake’s been sitting down lately. On something as opposed to the floor. He backs up to something (our laps, a stool, the edge of a basket), slowly lowers his bottom and rests there with a sigh. After 5 days at home with us, Paul went out for some time to himself. Made me realise how much of a break I get when he’s around – he’s been doing most of the childcare and Jake loves spending so much time with him. And what have I been doing with my time? Cleaning, chores and sleeping. The sleeping has been good at least.

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