Thursday, December 17, 2009


I still have a headache and Jake’s still tugging at his stoma. He did it during a bag empty and I saw it bleed. Thank god we’re going to see his consultant tomorrow. Despite this, we did have some good moments. We went out for some fresh air and blue sky and he fell asleep in his pram. Then we played with bubbles and I taught him to blow kisses. He also discovered the word drum, miming the motion of playing a drum and saying “mum-mum”. Still can’t say Mummy yet though! He still wanders the house calling me Daddy!


Beth said...

Maybe you should try and change "Daddy" into "Tammy" - might be easier to say than Mummy ;)

Really hope all goes well today with the consultant - thinking of you x

changapeluda said...

yes, i'm thinking of you, too
while sending out healing vibes to go with the angels....

and his habit of calling you Daddy?
oddly beguiling if you ask me!