Tuesday, July 13, 2010

13.7.10 ~ 175 word diary (the Dude)

This morning I came downstairs and found my little boy had become a Dude.

Also, his talking is coming on in leaps and bounds. Yesterday he said his most complete sentence yet. Mummy I want more water. Mundane but complete!  Today, helping me shop in Sainsbury’s, we walked into the clothing aisle and he signed and said clothes. I told him I was looking for some trousers for him. He picked up a huge pair and said, “This one?” I told him they were a little too big. So he put those back, picked up another and said, “This one better?” I was so proud!

He was so good toddling down the aisles with me. I told him what we needed to get, and he made the sign for it if he knew it. He didn’t wander off or cause mischief, despite the disapproving looks I got from a few people for allowing him to walk slowly and get in their way. Boo hiss two fingers to them. I think he got more smiles anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Jake is so cute! And that's wonderful talking! Snow White is starting to realise that words will get her further than just signs - today she said "glue" for the first time to let me know she wanted to do some crafts. There seems to be a new word every day at the moment, it's so exciting to see what they will come out with isn't it?