Wednesday, July 28, 2010

24.7.10 ~ 100 word diary (our big boy hikes & beautiful skies)

During a stunning hike in Durlston National Park, clambering over rocks, the sky open and blue above us, we are all happy. Even Jake climbs up and down paths when he can and run-run-runs along the road when we get onto it. On the bus back to town, the driver sings along and does all the motions during a rendition of The Wheels On The Bus. I have the best fishcake and chips ever for lunch. And a dinner of slow-roasted pork belly and chorizo mash for dinner. Jake plays with Alyx in the garden, the boys play pool, the girls have chocolate tarts for dessert. It’s a fantabulistic day.


At Durlston, with Uncle Tony

Yes, we did go on a hike with a pram.
Paul later ended up carrying it.

Jake did really well and walked almost
as much as we did.

Happy little nature boy.

Running, running!

On the beach in the evening,
just before Paul & Alyx braved the water and went in.

At The Crow's Nest

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changapeluda said...

soo cool!
the trip the magical little boy and the clouds!!