Wednesday, July 28, 2010

22.7.10 ~ 100 word diary (family!)

On the tube to pick Tony & family up, I read The Girl Who Played with Fire. The sense of detachment I’ve been feeling lately stays with me all day, even after we see each other. After about 3 minutes of clinging to me, Jake takes to them like a duck to water, particularly his cousin Alyx with whom he started building tower blocks straight away. With so many people around, I am no longer his centre of attention. I take them on a walk to the marshes, when Jake fell asleep. But they manage to stay awake until 7:30pm.


Glovecat said...

How does it feel when Jake's attention is shifted away from you? Mixed, I bet! A relief? Mingled with a jolt of jealousy? I'll find out soon enough, I guess! xxx

Heartful said...

Yup, both relief and a sense of possessiveness.