Monday, July 05, 2010

5.7.10 ~ 100 word diary (at the zoo)

We took Jake to London Zoo today. He was more interested in riding on the mini-bus / car / helicopter in the play area than most of the animals, and fell asleep just before we got to the part designed for children, but he had a good run around and saw quite a bit. My favourites were the owls, scarlet ibises, baby meerkats and rainforest monkeys. The penguin enclosure has changed since I was last there and was a disappointment. Paul used to work at the Zoo as a gardener so it was a trip down memory lane for him.

A rockhopper, the only penguin
that ventured out to greet the paparrazzi

A Burrowing Owl

Jake saying hello to a Peacock Pheasant
that just went out of shot as I took this


A Spectacled Owl

(I did take more photos but zoo animal pictures are always a little sad.  In one of the walk through aviaries, Jake learned the words egret and ibis and inexplicably started shouting his friend E's name.)

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Anonymous said...

Do you know the small animal zoo at Battersea Park? Specifically designed for kids, though we also have problems getting them out of the playground and looking at the actual animals.