Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Diary (my budding artist)

17 & 18 July 2010

Paul took Jake to his cousin’s 6th birthday party. I didn’t go cos it’s my yoga day. Most of the kids there were boys who watched each other play video games (though Jake didn't). There were two girls, one Jake's age. The other parents there were all Mums. Paul was the only Dad. Jake had brought his Dolly along and some of the Mums laughed, raised their eyebrows and made comments about how boys shouldn’t be playing with dolls. Paul said it was a good thing I wasn’t there cos otherwise there would’ve been a fight. Too bloody right! Ignorami!!


Spent most of the day cleaning, hoovering, tidying and trying to make space in our tiny flat for the upcoming family visit. Paul took Jake out in the morning and he dutifully slept for nearly three hours in the afternoon, when we took a break to watch Girl With A Dragon Tattoo and eat slices of homemade bread with butter and jam. In the evening I made a chickpea, mint and garlic dish and let Jake watch Mr Tumble until 9pm when we finally had enough and put True Blood on. Luckily he didn’t pay too much attention to it.

He never just watches Mr Tumble
He's always learning something...

Yesterday, he perched himself in front of the TV
with his drawing pad and started drawing what
he could see on the screen...


Maybe it was just scribbles, but it seemed a
damn good likeness to me!
I know he's my progeny and all, but I was bloody impressed.

My little artist!


Anonymous said...

He's so cute, such a serious expression for the drawing! And why on earth should he not play with dolls? Is he going to spontaneously suffer a sex change?! Maybe it's just as well I wasn't there to comment either!

tree shadow moon said...

Fab! what a guy! And crikey, a good job I wasn't near the doll-fearing freaks either! SAD LOSERS! Mwahaha! I loved my toy cars and helicopter, boxing gloves (!!!) and carpenter kit when I was little!
N xxx