Wednesday, July 28, 2010

25.7.10 ~ 100 word diary (a train, a castle, a boat & the uploaded in wrong sequence thanks to a glitch on blogger)

On our boat trip
(these were supposed to be inserted later on in this post
but blogger is being frigging annoying and not loading
them in the sequence that I want!!!)

Moon over the pedal boats
(at the end of our day)

My friend M joined us today for a ride on the steam train to Corfe Castle. The castle is more enjoyable than I expect. And the weather is glorious once again. In the afternoon, we eat lunch in the park, watch a band of morris dancers and then go for a bumpy boat trip along the Jurassic coast. After M leaves us, we go for a yummy curry, during which Jake sat happily, eating rice, poppadoms and kulfi and grinning from ear to ear. On the walk back to our hotels, we catch the full moon rising over the water.

On the steam train coming back from Corfe Castle

No Mummy, of course I'm not sleepy.

Yep, he's dropping off...

This looks posed but it really wasn't!

For Na x


tree shadow moon said...

Is it me, or is Jake just growing loads and loads and loads every week?!?! He seems a little boy now, not a toddler - and I still think of him as Baby Jake!!!

Sounds/looks a fab holiday - made me all happy to see the photos, and thank you ever so much for the photo of the morris dancers - as you can imagine, I'm jealous you saw them!

Hugs xxx

Glovecat said...

Looks like you had a great time! You're packing a lot in!

The pics can be re-arranged in your blog by clicking on them, and cutting and pasting. That's how I always do it, anyway, can't be planning an order ahead of time! :D

Heartful said...

Thanks for the tip!