Thursday, July 01, 2010

1.7.10 ~ 280 word diary

I love it when Jake and I open our eyes in the morning, see each other and smile. Then Jake runs to the living room to find Paul and says, “Morning!” Later, asking Jake where the top of a radiator handle was, he said, “Tops. Oh?! Don’t know.” It’s the first time he’s said don’t know. Grabbing his Dear Zoo book, he named and signed snake. Must take him to the zoo soon! Reflecting on his tantrums yesterday, and other tantrums he has – they usually happen when he’s tired and when I’m distracted / not fully with him. They escalate when I’m tired and lose my temper. They are quickly contained if I stay calm.

This afternoon, we went to lunch at T’s house, the Mum I met in the playground two weeks ago. T has two sons, a lovely garden and lots of toys. Jake was in heaven and overcame his shyness very quickly. We had a delicious lunch, talked and you know what? She’s not scary and I like her. You wait around for ages, then two lovely new friends come along at once! Jake surprised T with his talking and his table manners, happily feeding himself with adult cutlery and holding a cup of juice adeptly without spilling. The wonders of baby-led weaning! Later we went to pick up some summer sandals for Jake, who’s now gone up a shoe size. Luckily, the sales are on and I got them at half-price. He kept trying to run out of the shop and because he was tired, got very grumpy when I kept bringing him back. Thankfully he was tired enough to fall asleep on the way home.

Watching the bubbles

I see this every time I whip out the camera these days.

(And I have noticed that my 100 word diary entries are getting longer and longer.  The more I write, the more I'm able to write!)


Anonymous said...

"The more I write..."
Yup, that's the way it seems to work. Within reason.

tree shadow moon said...

Tammy, Jake is SOOO cute! And he's grown up so much too!!!