Wednesday, July 28, 2010

26.7.10 ~ 100 word diary (stonehenge & salisbury cathedral)

It’s a travel day. Scenic bus from Swanage to Bournemouth Station via Studland and the Sandbanks ferry. Then a train to Salisbury via Southampton. Then a bus to Stonehenge, which is more beautiful and awe-inspiring than my jaded London self expected. Also peaceful, despite the large numbers of tourists walking around it. We spend the rest of the afternoon in Salisbury, in the cathedral (where Jake asked for his bucket and spade when he came across the water font) and then having an early dinner at Wagamama. It only starts to rain as we get on the train towards London.

NB> The battery on my camera died sometime the day before so these are taken on my camera phone.

Salisbury Cathedral - I think this was the baptismal font.

Of course when Jake saw it,
he immediately asked for his bucket and spade.

I'm not a religious person
but I do enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of churches.
This tree was in the courtyard and echoed
with an engraving I'd seen inside the cathedral
with a quote from one of TS Eliot's poems.
"The moment of the rose and the moment of the yew tree are of equal duration."
It had me pondering for some time and I like that.


Glovecat said...

Weird, are those words "do not fear for I have redeemed you" reflected in the water? I'm confused!

Hmm, like the rose/yew quote too.I sometimes think that every life is eternal, for it lasts exactly as long as its own conscious awareness.

Not sure I worded that right... Ha!

Heartful said...

Em, the words are engraved on the side of the font.

And I know what you mean about eternity and conscious awareness, a bit like the concept of heaven and hell being of your own making depending on how you think.