Wednesday, July 28, 2010

23.7.10 ~ 100 word diary (the oblivious birthday boy & the first day of our holiday)

Jake’s 2nd birthday. We sing happy birthday and he looks at us like we’re out of our minds. We give him some of his presents and I notice that he has fewer cards than last year. He’s not ill this year so people have forgotten. We arrive in Swanage and I realise I’ve left my bag in the cab. I get it back though it costs us another cab fare. We have a mediocre lunch by the sea and then stand on the beach shivering in the wind, eating icecream. Dinner is also forgettable but we’re on holiday and happy.


Glovecat said...

Ha, so British to be sitting on the dull, empty beach eating ice cream in the wind! Did Jake have a good one despite the taxi mishap and nondescript lunch? Hope so! :) Not all birthdays can be perfect, and there's such an expectation of them being wonderful that most of mine have been doomed to disappoint. Better to go in with no grand plans, I guess :D Jake looks cute in his smiley T-shirt!

Heartful said...

Jake had no idea it was his birthday, he was simply happy as he usually is.