Friday, July 16, 2010

16.7.10 ~ 120 word diary (trains, zoetropes and Dalek!)

Took Jake to the Museum of Childhood today. Just two months after our last visit and I can see how much he’s grown. He enjoyed it in a different way than usual. Instead of just playing in the sandpit or the obvious play areas, he spent a lot of time looking at the displays and exhibits, touching them, naming them, enjoying them, especially his beloved choo choo trains. It was like seeing a whole other side to the Museum that I hadn’t noticed before. When he saw the giant robot, he pointed and said, "Dockor! Dalek! Shoes!" (It was wearing shiny red shoes). We even sat and shared lunch – a ham sandwich, crisps and then he asked for a yoghurt.


Jake kept saying hello to the horse, wanting
to talk to it rather than sit on it.

Looking into the zoetrope

20p to make the trains run, best 60p I ever spent.

Lego, played with a purpose and concentration
I haven't seen in him before.


Glovecat said...

I love it - it must be amazing to see such differences in only a couple of months! I especially like the "shoes" comment.

I've never been a city girl, but I guess one of the upsides of London is the vast array of brilliant museums. When Squiggles is out, and a bit older, I suppose one day we'll have to show him/her the bright lights and big museums too!


Nat said...

That looks like great fun, times I see pictures like this I miss living in central London and being able to zip down to these places! He looks very busy!

Anonymous said...

I love those kinds of places. And every time you go you get to see something new, because they're in a different stage of development. It's brilliant!

tree shadow moon said...

FUN!!! Looks and sounds like a fascinating day! I love that he wanted to talk to the horse! And I love the Holly Hobbie kitchen!

I've never been there! Maybe one day we could all go together??

Hugs xxx