Thursday, June 10, 2010

10.6.10 ~ 100ish word diary (the things he's been saying)

In the shower this morning.

Jake, pointing at me: Pena! (That’s his word for penis).
Me: Daddies have penises Jake, Mummies have something else.
Jake: Boobis!
Me: That’s right, Mummies have boobies and vulvas.
Jake: Vula?
Me: Yes, vulvas. Not to be confused with Volvos.
Jake: Boooobieeees!!!!!

He’s learning so much and keeps coming out with things I didn’t even realise he knew. Like the sign for the colour orange after Andy produced orange plates for our picnic on Sunday, and words like broken and mix. Yesterday he suddenly started signing and saying tickets (though this ties in with his love of choo choo ‘rains!). And while watching Something Special, he signed along to the theme song.

This afternoon, he left the playground signing and saying “Shops!” so we walked to the local Londis and he didn’t want to leave! He kept pointing and naming the marmite, milk, cereal, bread, juice – over and over again, and surveying the sweets and putting them back when I asked him to. Thankfully the shopkeeper’s really friendly and didn’t mind, he even gave Jake a Lazytown pedometer and said he could stay as long as he wanted.

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