Tuesday, June 01, 2010

31.5.10 ~ Bournemouth 100 word diary

Met up with M who spent the day with us, went on the stupendous Helter Skelter with Jake (Jake got to go twice), had lunch on the harbour at Poole (during which Jake wandered into Tesco’s twice because he loved it so much), stumbled onto Poole Printmakers Open Studio as part of Dorset Arts Week (we were simply walking in the direction Jake pointed us towards), heard about solar etching, had delicious Thai food for dinner during which Jake needed a grab bag of Wotsits to sit still (please withhold your judgements till you’ve taken a toddler out to dinner).

Yes, that's me and Jake!

The view from up there is stunning.

Coming down with Daddy.

He loved it. 
When we came down, he said "Again?"

Spotted near Poole Printmakers studio

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tree shadow moon said...

ACE!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you all got to go on it, and with good weather too! It's my favourite helter-skelter in the whole world! Isn't it fab! And so beautiful too!

Glad you had a good few days!