Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15.6.10 ~ 100 word diary which is actually 300 words today

After not having suffered from hayfever for 5 years, I suddenly started sneezing like mad yesterday. I thought I could take it, but when it started again this morning, I took an antihistamine. My bladder control is not what it used to be and I just can’t deal with the whole sneezing-means-weeing-in-my-pants thing today. Especially not after two consecutive nights of 2am poopy-butt changing and toddler-headbutting interrupted sleep.

It’s an interesting experience, looking after a toddler on antihistamine wooziness. On one hand, it’s rather liberating. The control freak in me was notably subdued and gave way to a rather happy eh-who-gives-a-shit me, which was not the catastrophy I’ve always feared. On the other hand, a measure of alertness and clear speech is also useful when caring for a toddler, especially near open water and bridges and such. Well, I’m happy to report that he is in one piece and happily snoozing after our morning in Wilkinson’s followed by another wander through the marshes. We took a different route today, one which afforded a better view of the “choo-choo ‘rains!”

Also, I went to Wahaca last night and had one of the best meals I can remember. Proper Mexican food, simple, fresh and super tasty and best of all, bloody affordable! M and I had drinks, shared 5 plates of street food and a pudding, for £15 each, including the tip. But, going out on a Monday night is a little weird. I usually go out on a Wednesday and waking up the next morning is a nice boost cos I’m still on a wow-so-that’s-what-normal-feels-like high from the night before and there are only a couple days till the weekend. But today, it’s still only Tuesday! I’m not complaining though. There are still a few hours till the drugs wear off.

Helping out in Wilkinson's

Up Please Mummy?  Come on, this way.

Black bean tostadas (my personal favourite)

Clockwise from left: potato taquitos, pork pibils, chicken mole soft tacos.
We also had broad bean quesadillas which I didn't photograph.

Not matchbooks but Serrano Chilli seeds to take home and grow.

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