Thursday, June 24, 2010

Counting words

It occurs to me that I've never explained why I write my 100 word diary entries. Or more specifically, why 100 words. I got the idea from the 100 words site. 100 words a day is not that much to commit to, especially as a full-time Mum. Doing it every day builds up a cherished collection of daily snapshots, of little details I'd otherwise forget. But the precision of it, having that limit, means choosing your words carefully. What really counts? What is it that I really want to say? It’s a valuable daily practice that is entirely stress free.  (100 words)

You may have noticed the 250 word a day icon that has just appeared in the sidebar.  That's a new challenge.  To write 250 words a day on top of the 100 words I post here.  Most days, I already do that.  But I want to aim to do it every day.  I won't necessarily be posting those words here, but the icon is to remind me that I've taken the challenge.  I still shy away from labels, from calling myself a writer.  Because to use that word usually sparks questions like - what are you writing and have you published anything?  I write.  I now write every day.  I write to make sense of life, to remember things, to capture moments that have touched me or pained me or which elude me.  I write to try to discover the heart of things.  It doesn't necessarily mean I'm working on a novel, poem or short story.  I can still be a writer and not be writing any of those things.  So that's why I'm taking the challenge.  Because a writer writes.


Anonymous said...

"I can still be a writer and not be writing any of those things."

Yeah, it's a funny one that... I love blogging as a thing-in-itself but I still hope it's going to encourage that eventual leap to some other form.

I was going to say 'other, more rigorous form' - but actually, if the writing instinct is strong even a text-message gets lovingly obssesive attention, I think.

Heartful said...


Anonymous said...

"Because a writer writes' relates to something that kickstarted me into tackling another attempt at a novel earlier this year - it might linked to on my blog somewhere but it was an article where a writer discussed her (in her somewhat ironic words) astonishing insight that the more she wrote, the more got written.
I have to admit to having pretty much given up on TV altogether, though, except on special occasions. Cuts into writing time something dreadful...