Thursday, June 03, 2010

3.6.10 ~ 100 word diary

I’m feeling out of sorts but it’s good. I’m figuring out what I need. To be grounded, rooted to something substantial. To sit quietly and be. Out of glare. And to disappear from Facebook for a while. It’s all for attention – fleeting, meaningless, superficial attention. I don’t need it. I exist in the real world. I want to be with real friends, live a real life. No one tells the truth on Facebook and I want to tell the truth. Stop hiding behind false cheer and smiley faces and anagrams. Give my time to building more than just the surface.


tree shadow moon said...

Yay! Another potential facebook abandoner! ;)
I totally get what you mean.
Big hugs from rainy old Italy (wasn't this meant to be English weather?!)

Heartful said...

It's hot and sunny here, we must have your weather!