Friday, June 04, 2010


 ...and the cooking is easy. There's something about cooking in hot weather, the sun shining through the kitchen window, blue sky, soft breeze. It makes me feel giddy, happy, expansive. Like I'm cooking for great friends coming over for an al fresco dinner. I made these dishes during our last hot spell. We're in the middle of another one, so there will be more happy food on the way!

Mint, lemon and garlic marinade

for the aubergines

which were roasted and served with a tomato bulghur salad

Black eyed bean, tomato and spinach salad

Linguine with home-made pea and mint pesto



tree shadow moon said...

Yum! Please let me know when you'd like me to come round for the al fresco dinner - I'm ready, waiting, and drooling!

Heartful said...

Anytime! I was actually thinking of you and Mr M when I was cooking these dishes. Would have loved to have shared them with you.