Friday, June 25, 2010

26.6.10 ~ 100 word diary

After two weeks of going out every day, it’s great to have a chilled day at home. Aside from the fact that it’s too hot, airless and cloudless to venture out, I’ve cooked lunch for Jake for the first time in ages - homemade salmon fishcakes (as opposed to sandwiches) and what’s more – he ate it! We had half an hour in the "garden" earlier, but there’s no shade and too many spiders. Even Jake found it too much and has been happy being indoors. If it weren’t for his current bath-phobia, we’d be in a tub of cool water now.

I'd like our garden a lot more if it wasn't
at the bottom of these stairs.
And don't even get me started on the spiders.

Call this a paddling pool? 
Man, I'm outta here.
We so need a garden makeover.

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