Thursday, June 24, 2010

24.6.10 ~ 100ish word diary (on social swinging)

Jake loves the marshes and Springfield Park so much, he’d rather we go there than local playgrounds. “Choo-choo train, quack quack?” is how he puts it. It’s a 3 mile round trip walk almost every day, but I don’t mind. I love the sense of space and we see something new each time. (Today it was a three-legged labrador, another labrador swimming in the river and a pair of blue damselflies.)  On the “social swings” there (as I call them because they are set in a pentagonal frame and face inward so the children look at each other as they swing - not what you thought, was it?), Jake suddenly came out with this: “Oh! Dizzy!” and then, shaking his head, “Never again, never again.” The things he picks up!

A labrador fetching a stick from the river quickly attracted
every child in sight.

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